About sarahjclauson

I am rediscovering what sarahjclauson is “about”, and this little bloggy blog is going to help me do that. In the meantime…

I was born a daughter and a sister.

I became a wife and a mother.

I consider myself a musician and poet.

I earn a living taking photographs.

I strive to be, better.

And … some things I love….

  • My clan
    • First and foremost my one and only John Clauson and our really amazing offspring, Zephy & Isaac.
  • Friendship
  • Conversation
  • All things Jimmy Fallon
  • Connecting
  • Music: listening, making, experiencing, critiquing, dancing to, running to, driving to, working to, dreaming to… You get it.
  • Birthday parties (and celebrations in general) (and planning in general)
  • A really good, side-splitting laugh…. we call it “getting tickled”
  • Napping
  • Thai Food
  • Helping out
  • Niceville High School Football
  • The part of procrastination where you get that little jolt of energy to meet the deadline (but not the other parts)
  • Making mixtapes   cd mixes playlists.
  • Being in or around water
  • Doing my job well
  • Those moments when time sort of stops, and you can truly live in real time… not in the past, not looking ahead… Chances are, if I’m having one of those moments, it involves a combination of things on this list.






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  1. Buddy Duncan · March 9, 2017



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