Cleaning out your fridge: An analogy?

For optimal health, cleanliness, and function… You must clean out your fridge.

All those Tupperware containers lurking in the back with leftover curry or mashed potatoes… microcosms thriving under their lids….Mysterious, foul, festering foods that you’ve shuffled around for too long… Best to dispose of them swiftly. They are the easy part. Quit ignoring them.

Then there are the half used bottles of salad dressing.  They could still be good. They could still be useful. But they are stale and taking up valuable space. You reach for them, with every intention of tossing, but you think, “what if one day I really want raspberry vinaigrette?”.

Pitch it. There is ALWAYS more raspberry vinaigrette.

The vegetable drawer can be quite shameful. The produce, filled with freshness and vitality and nutrition, is beginning to wilt and brown. You know you will not eat slimy salad, or soggy cucumbers, but these once beautiful, life-giving, and often costly foods, will RUIN the whole drawer. Get rid of them, no matter the guilt.

Check the cheese and meats. Full of calories and belly filling goodness that hungry mouths would (and do) die for. These turn slowly, and rarely get wasted. A little mold on the block of cheese? Trim it off and make sure to use the remainder. It’s a sin to squander the things that others desperately need.

The most important part of keeping your fridge clean is being mindful and deliberate about what you put in it.

Don’t take more than you will use, more than you will need. What you do take…. care for it…. Use it in a timely manner. Don’t dare let the most valuable and life-giving staples go bad. And the empty calories, the filler… Do you really need them cluttering up your fridge? If they are there, you are more likely to indulge, and possibly abuse.

If you don’t want to see it thrown into the trash, either don’t get it, or care for it properly.

And when the inevitable tub of underused sour cream starts to seem “iffy” or your strawberries begin growing fuzz sooner than expected…. DISPOSE.

Buy what you need. Use what you buy. Care for what’s in your care. Trim the mold. Compost the rot. Savor and be nourished. Keep your fridge clean.


One comment

  1. Sarah B · March 31, 2015

    Fun. Our fridge died two weekends ago, and I just cleaned out our pantry this last weekend. Both places, now de-cluttered and de-grossed are so zen now.


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