Blame it on the rain

I can’t exactly blame it on the rain, but I can blame it on 3 of my dear and talented friends who keep a blog, which has inspired me to start one. If you are reading this, and you think you might be one of those 3 dear friends… Well, you probably are.

There is certainly a bit of apprehension, just for fear of seeming…. *fill in the blank*… But at the end of the day I’m learning a few things about myself:

  1. I like ideas and words
  2. I like organizing them and then attempting to express/illustrate them
  3. I need motivation
  4. Sharing is motivating

Elaboration on #4. “Sharing is motivating”. I love need to create.

The first time I went to a poetry open mic, I thought “I’m not exactly a poet, so why would I read…and…If I were to read, wouldn’t that be terribly narcissistic?”. I can’t speak to the motivations of others, but for me, it seemed like sharing my “poetry” would mean that I either think I’m good enough to be heard (didn’t think that), or that I simply needed to be heard (ugh, who wants to be that girl?). What I’ve since learned is simple. Sharing can be good. Good for me, good for you, good for that guy sitting over there. Just good.  And most importantly…. Sharing is motivating.  I went on to become the host of Niceville’s Say The Word poetry open mic night, and let me tell you…. I have a LOT more finished poetry. I don’t share because I think I’m good, or because I need to be heard, I share because otherwise, I would write a lot less, and what I did write, wouldn’t get finished.

(You are cordially invited to check us out!)

This translates to music as well.  Signing up to play a small set at a coffee shop FORCES me tidy up my songs and make them better.  It even translates to my running.  When I am NOT feeling it and dragging along… I opt to run along John Sims parkway…. An audience, as unaware or uninterested as they may be, is motivating.

I’ve also learned a few things about humanity in general (at least the version of it I’ve been exposed to):

  1. Each life is lived individually, but the collective has a pretty major impact on the individuals
  2. I REALLY need to focus on how I navigate MY ship, but have no doubt… My ship can create a wake that can affect all in its path… good or bad.
  3. The beacon of light that keeps the ship on course HAS to come from within… we can’t be the beacon for someone else, but we can encourage others to find theirs.

So, along with being a motivator for me to organize/express some of my thoughts and ideas, I sort of want this to be an outward expression of an inner journey. Finding, and intensifying my own inward beacon of light. Disguised, of course, in ramblings about life, music, words, work, and this overall thing called the human experience.


  • If you are a grammar buff…. buckle up… it’s gonna be a bumpy ride
  • Sometimes, when trying to be brutally honest or even just funny, one can run the risk of coming across pretentious or exclusitory… I’m going to try VERY hard not to do that…. I am a recovering “Reverse Snob”, so hang with me. That being said…. I am compiling a list of prerequisites to even reading this blog… expect things like “has a base level appreciation for Prince”.
  • If you don’t like made up words, you might not like this blog. See above *exclusitory* (I mean, that sounds like a word, right?)



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